European miners prepare for sell bitcoin to credit card eur

So, here is how miners in Europe, where electricity prices are some of the highest in the world, have prepared for the halving.

While some may indeed be forced to shut down if the price doesn’t go their way, miners have known about the halving for a long time and have been able to prepare for the event. According to, a member of the founding board — a London-based think tank that recently surveyed many key European players in the industry — miners have had the opportunity to upgrade

The great thing about the Bitcoin Halvening is that it is a known revenue shock. Miners will have been preparing for this day since the last halvening for months ago. Upgrading to the latest machines, newest infrastructure, sourcing cheaper power sources and pooling together with the right group are all key. Miners are well prepared for all scenarios regarding the Bitcoin price- said John

“It is very complicated to anticipate what will happen after the halving, the most logical thing seems to be to prepare convert bitcoin to dollars scenario by trying to negotiate the electrical contracts and renewing the fleet of machines. This is what we have been doing at Sesterce for several months in anticipation.”